About Us
The name of the Organisation shall be "AASCON" i.e. The Alumni Association Qf Science College, Nagpur and it shall be an all India Organisation. The Organisation is referred to as the 'Association'. Central Office

The Central Office of the Association shall be situated at Department of Physics. Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Bombay-400 076.

Aims and Objects

The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian In nature. The principal aims and obj_cts ofthe Association shall be ;
(a) To provide a forum for Alumni of the College of Science, Nagpur (now known as the Institute of Science, Nagpur) to meet from time to time'

(b) To make the expertise and experience of the large number of ex-students and teachers of the College of Science, Nagpur available to all members of the Association and to the society at large

(c) To promote social, educational and cultural activities conductive to the above stated objects.

For details contact us at

president@aascon.org Dr. Aarti A. Saoji, 9922337816

secretary@aascon.org Dr. Sunita A.Kalkar, 9822466215

treasurer@aascon.org Mr. Nitin S. Ghule,

For address change or official purpose please mail us on following email:


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