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The Institute of Science has shaped many educationists, scientists, writers, managers, entrepreneurs, politicians, teachers etc. The Alumni Association brings all these people together on a single platform and develops synergistic plans to aid and improve Institutional endeavours. The AASCON works to strengthen ties between the Institutions and the alumni, so that the alumni can participate in various activities including cultural and social activities. AASCON is also a focal point of contact among alumni to interact and network with each other. The Alumni Association conducts regular meetings wherein the members freely and closely interact with each other on issues pertaining to development of the college and also their role and contribution. Their ideas and suggestions are duly recognized and implemented by the college administration. The HODs also interact with the members of Alumni Association especially on the matters of development of value–added programs.



  • To encourage, foster and promote close relation between Institute of Science and its Alumni and among the Alumni themselves.
  • To provide and disseminate information regarding the institutions, its graduates, facilities and students to Alumni.
  • To ensure that programs are initiated and developed for the benefit of the Alumni.
  • To guide and assist Alumni who have recently completed the courses of study to obtain employment to engage in productive pursuits useful to the society.
  • To establish and maintain a link with all the students and with the community at large.
  • To preserve and promote the interest of the Alma Mater through Alumni involvement in its future and governance.
  • To participate and assist in the promotion of Institutions as a major destination for higher education.

About Us


The name of the Organisation shall be “AASCON” i.e. The Alumni Association of Science College Of Nagpur and it shall be an all India Organisation. The Organisation is referred to as the ‘Association’.

Central Office

The Central Office of the Association shall be situated at Department of Physics. Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Bombay-400 076.

Aims and Objects

The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian In nature. The principal aims and objectives of the Association shall be ;
(a) To provide a forum for Alumni of the College of Science, Nagpur (now known as the Institute of Science, Nagpur) to meet from time to time’.

(b) To make the expertise and experience of the large number of ex-students and teachers of the College of Science, Nagpur available to all members of the Association and to the society at large.

(c) To promote social, educational and cultural activities conductive to the above stated objectives.


                  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (2019-2020)

                        NAGPUR CHAPTER 2019-2020

  President :Dr. Aarti A. Saoji         M: 9922337816

  Secretary :Dr. Surekha A.Kalkar  M: 9822466215

  Treasurer :Mr. Nitin S. Ghule        M: 9822469890



Dr. Kaustav Chatterjee :9850302670
Dr. Anjali M. Rahatgaonkar:7774080442
Shri. Suresh Bhake:9423959611

Permanent Invitee
Shri. A. V. Bhide            M: 9422104762

Immediate Past President
Dr. Praful Mokadam     M: 982220748


Result based upto Summer 2019
1 Dr. Mangala Ketkar Scholarship of Rs. 12000/- (MRP Specialization M.Sc. Zoology)
Kajal Jagwani
2 AASCON Scholarship of Rs. 12000/- Mr. S. Mokashi & Hitesh Parekh B.Sc. III Statistics topper
– Pragati Bavistale
3 AASCON Merit Scholarship of Rs. 9000/- Donar Shri Amit Badiyani B.Sc. II Topper
– Neha Waghe
4 AASCON Merit Scholarship of Rs. 6000/- Donar Dr. P. Mokadam B.Sc. I PCM topper
– Akash Rane
5 AASCON Atul Khanzode Sport Scholarship of Rs. 5,000/-
– Sharayu Fartade
6 AASCON – Late Smt. Sarubai Khadse Memorial prize of Rs 1501/- Girl topper (M. Sc. I Physics) – Sneha Katre & Bhawna Rahangadale
7 AASCON – Late Smt. Sarubai Khadse Memorial prize of Rs 1001/- topper ( M. Sc. I Physics )
– Ashutosh Vilin Meshram
8 AASCON Late Shri V.V.Bhide Merit Scholarship 12,000/- M.Sc. I Botany Topper
– Siddiqui Ameen
9 AASCON Scholarship 12,000/- to M.Sc. I Environment Science Topper
– Samruddhi Metangale (Mr. Suhas Budhe Scholarship)
10 AASCON Scholarship 12,000/- to M.Sc. I Statistics Topper
– Shraddha Mulmule (Mr. Suhas Budhe Scholarship)
11 Uddanwadikar Scholarship Rs. 12,000/- to B.Sc. (Biological Sciences topper)
– Mrunali Pimpalkar
12 Shrikant Kane Scholarship Rs. 6,000/- to M.Sc. I Chemistry topper
– Rubeena Parveen
13 AASCON Research Fellowship Rs. 12,000/-
– Ms. Varsha Nandeshwar
14 Sharad Kelkar Scholarship of Rs. 15,000/- to topper M.Sc.I Mathematics (boy)
– Swapnil Hingave
15 Sharad Kelkar Scholarship of   Rs. 15,000/- to topper M.Sc.I Mathematics (Girl)
– Jyotsna  Kapgate
16 Sharad Kelkar  Scholarship of  Rs. 15,000/- to topper M.Sc.I Physics
– Sneha Katre & Bhawna Rahangadale
17 Sahastrabuddhe  Scholarship of  Rs. 12,000/- to topper M.Sc.I Physics
– Sneha Katre & Bhawna Rahangadale
18 Champatraoji Khorgade  Scholarship of   Rs. 12,000/- to needy girl pursuing UG/PG Statistics
– Riteshwari Wadibhasme
19 Ramesh Singru  Scholarship of  Rs. 12,000/- to topper M.Sc.I Physics
– Sneha Katre & Bhawna Rahangadale
20 Vilas Padole  Scholarship of  Rs. 12,000/- to to needy girl pursuing UG/PG.
–  Ms. Shrusti Mukundrao Lunge
21 Group Captain D.D. Deshpande cash Prize of Rs. 2000/- awarded to M.Sc. Chemistry topper  –  Simran Gupta

– Ms. Varsha Nandeshwar


The membership of the association shall be open to any person who was a student of the college of science / Institute of Science, Nagpur.


The Association shall have the following classes of membership :
a) Patron :
Any individual or body paying in one lumpsum an amount of Rs. 1,500/- or more shall be enrolled as Patron on being admitted as such by the Executive Committee.

Any individual or body paying in one lumpsum a minimum of Rs. 750/- (Additional Rs. 25/- Registration fees for both categories) shall be enrolled as Life Member on being admitted as such by the Executive Committee.

Any individual who was a student or teacher (by whatever designation he was appointed) of the College of Science/Institute of Science. Nagpur and who is willing to pay at the time of admission and every year thereafter the prescribed membership fee shall be an Ordinary Member of the Association on his being admitted as such by the Executive Committee of the Association.

The Executive Committee of the Association shall have the right to elect as an Honorary Member any individual who has made an outstanding contribution to society. An Honorary Member shall have the right to attend but no right to vote at any of the meetings of the General body of the Association.


Standard operative procedures (SOP)

Functions of the Association/ SOP of Alumni Association:

  1. Enrollment of alumni with association: Each constituent chapter of Alumni association shall enroll all the degree holders in their respective chapter. The treasurer of respective chapter shall provide and collect the filled enrollment form with the prescribed registration fees of respective chapter as per bylaws, from the degree holder. The treasurer shall provide the receipt with permanent Alumni Id number to the respective Alumni.
  1. MeetingsThe meeting is conducted at governing body as well as chapter level at least two times a year. The minutes of meeting will be maintained by the secretary of the respective chapter and / or the secretary of Governing body of the association. The secretary of respective chapter/ governing body shall circulate the agenda at least seven days prior to the commencement of meeting. The secretary shall procure the action taken report as per requirement before commencement of next meeting.
  2. Activities: Each respective chapter of alumni association shall conduct at least minimum two activities per year. The activities shall include social activities, donation, carrier guidance seminar, Alumni get to gather, community outreach program etc. the copy of the final activity report with all the related proof for each activity should be given to the president of the governing body in both hard and soft copy after duly signed by the chapter president and secretary. All the activity reports with proof also have to be maintained at respective chapter level.
  3. Finance distribution:  The treasurer of the governing body shall grant a sponsor of 10% from the yearly pool of the each chapter at the beginning of the financial year with the final approval from the president, Alumni Association. The treasurer has to maintain the books of accounts of the association. The annual audit of the finance shall be maintained by the treasurer after certification by an external certified public accountant. Financial year should be considered from 1st April to 31st March of respective year.
  4. Election and tenure:  The tenure for the Governing body &/or chapter Members is restricted to the period of three years. Subsequently the new body shall be formed by conducting election under the supervision of the registrar, the ex-office member of the Alumni Association.
  5. Resignation and Replacement:  Each member of the chapter/ governing body shall submit the resignation form as per the format of the alumni association counter signed by the president, secretary and treasurer of the governing body of the association. In case of resignation / replacement of the president of governing body, the vice president becomes the president. The president, secretary and treasurer of governing body have to submit the resignation letter to the registrar, the ex-officio member of the association for its further course of action.
  6. Disqualification or Removal: Any member of the association can be disqualified or removed when found to conduct activities that are harmful for the association as per the verdict of 2/3rdof the governing body members.
  7. Amendments: The bylaws may be amended at the annual meeting of the association called for that purpose by a majority of at least 3/5th of those present in the meeting. Written notice of the said meeting shall be sent to the active members at least 30 days prior to the date of meeting which notice shall include the proposed amendments.
  8. Feedback: Feedback from Alumni will be taken at enrollment time (Form-A) and at their next visit time (Form-B) by feedback coordinator of respective chapter. The copy of final feedback analysis and report of each respective chapter shall be submitted to the President of governing body for further action. The president shall analyze & compile the feedback report of all constituent chapters and the copy of the comprehensive final feedback report shall be submitted to the vice chancellor of the University for the Further Action once in two years.
  9. Quorums: Minimum 4 (Four) members of the governing body will be required for the quorum purpose.


Organ Donation and Eye donation

Guest lecture was organised for Aascon members and Student in room no 42. The lecturer for Organ Donation was Dr.Ravi Wankhede. And for eye donation was Dr. Smita Karandikar.

Scholarship distribution programme

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